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"A series of wildfires last week scorched more than 260,000 acres in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego counties in Southern California. The first and largest blaze, dubbed the Thomas Fire, started December 4 in Ventura County and has moved North, becoming a threat to Santa Barbara County.

Here are the numbers as of Tuesday morning, according to Los Angeles County officials and Cal Fire, a state fire-safety agency:

  • Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties: 234,200 acres, 20% containment, 794 structures destroyed, 187 structures damaged out of at least 18,000 threatened.
  • Skirball Fire in Bel Air: 422 acres, 85% containment.
  • Lilac Fire in San Diego County: 4,100 acres, 90% contained, 151 structures destroyed and 56 damaged.
  • Rye Fire in Santa Clarita: 6,049 acres, 93% containment.
  • Creek Fire in Sylmar: 15,619 acres, 98% containment, at least 30 structures damaged or destroyed, at least 2,500 homes threatened.

The Thomas Fire had grown to more than 65,000 acres in two days and destroyed at least 150 structures out of at least 12,000 threatened in Ventura and Ojai. The fire grew by 50,000 acres on Sunday as dry Santa Ana winds continued, triggering evacuation orders throughout Santa Barbara County. One death has been blamed on the Thomas Fire: the body of 70-year-old Virginia Pesola was discovered at a car crash site on an evacuation route in Ventura County on Wednesday night, according to NBC.

As many as 200,000 people had been displaced in Los Angeles and Ventura counties and authorities closed — and then reopened — parts of the 405 Freeway on Wednesday last week, causing gridlock throughout the region. More than 50 schools were closed in the Los Angeles area through the end of the week." - Business Insider



Santa Ana is sole property of Sylvia Rose Novak. Written and produced by Sylvia Rose Novak. Santa Ana was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ruairi Kilcullen at RdK Audio in Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA. Bass and vocals performed by Sylvia Rose Novak. Other instrumentation graciously provided by: Kelen Rylee on Guitar, Christo Case on Piano, and Colin Blakely on Drums.