Photo by Grant Beecher

Photo by Grant Beecher

A tiny woman with a huge presence, Sylvia Rose Novak is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from south-central Alabama and currently residing in Athens, GA. Having been painted as a "dark and brooding intellectual" via her songwriting, Novak is better known among her fans to captivate an audience with her sharp sense of humor. Her carefully worded banter leads listeners delicately into her songs, much like a prologue in a book, or a narrator in a movie.

Drawing inspiration from writers such as Cormac McCarthy, Donald Ray Pollock, and Flannery O'Connor; Sylvia Rose Novak has crafted a unique style of songwriting that might, itself, be called Southern Gothic. Novak's resonant vocals couple with her unconventionally structured songs to create a listening experience that is akin to becoming immersed in a short story. 

While Novak primarily fronts her band on the fiddle, she's the bassist for Birmingham rock outfit Five Shot Jack. She is also their primary songwriter. On the heels of her first two records, Novak has toured the southern united states extensively, and is looking forward to expanding her reach as her third full-length album comes to life.

Having opened for acts such as American Aquarium, Chris Knight, If Birds Could Fly, The Ghost of Paul Revere, Heath Green and the Makeshifters, Mike and the Moonpies, and Belle Adair; Novak's musical career has seen forward momentum since the release of her first album, Chasing Ghosts, in 2014. Her second album, The Last Three Years, followed quickly in 2016. Her third album is set to release in the Spring of 2018.

- L. Ruzicka